Master Management launches new campaign to address incorrect recycling.

Despite the efforts of Master Management to encourage proper recycling habits in the Village, the level of improper recycling has prompted the City of Deerfield Beach to suspend the collection of recycling in the Village.



But as simple as it sounds, it is the biggest mistake being made by CVE residents. So many residents are putting plastic bags in the recycling bins that the City of Deerfield Beach is considering issuing fines to the community.

The new campaign is intended to address the most common mistake being made. If you carry your recyclables to the blue bins in a plastic bag, DUMP OUT THE BAG AND PUT THE BAG IN THE TRASH. PLASTIC BAGS DO NOT GET RECYCLED.

Supermarket plastic bags get caught in the machines that sort legitimate recycling. As a result, the city is going after people who put them in the bins. So, PLEASE...if you insist on storing your recyclables in plastic bags, do not toss the entire bag in the bins.

So you are now asking...

If I can't keep my recyclables in a plastic bag, what should I keep them in? (See the Top Story above if you don't know what we're referring to).

Master Management has a solution. Come by the Master Management office and pick up a free canvas recycling bag.

You can store all your cleaned recyclables in the bag, carry them to the bin, and reuse the bag.