Multipath Walkways

Master Management will be installing pathways along several key roadways that will provide dedicated lanes for walking and biking. The installation of these lanes will improve the safety of not only bikers and pedestrians but also motorists as they use the same thoroughfares.

The initial phases of the project include North Drive and Newport Drive.

CVE Master Management will be redesigning the roadway to include three new lanes running along side the car traffic. Two of the lanes will be for bicycles (one in each direction) while a third lane (separated from the bike traffic) will be for pedestrians. The design will be similar to this:

walkway rendering

Both Newport Drive and North Drive will feature an additional pedestrian lane separated from cars by a row of permanent stanchions. 

 The design will be similar to the separated pedestrian walking path currently located on Century Boulevard just east of the Clubhouse in front of Berkshire.