Board of Directors


Board meetings are normally held 5 days before the Condominium Owners Organization of Century Village East (COOCVE) meeting, and that most often falls on the 2nd Thursday of the month. All are welcome.


The COOCVE Directors elect the 9 CVE Master Management Board Members. These Board Members normally serve a 3-year term, with a rotation of 3 members coming up for election every year. This allows for continuity in the operation of the business. Those Board Members then elect their own officers.

2022 CVE Master Management Board of Directors

  • Eli Okun, President. Term expires 2024
  • Barry Warhoftig, 1st Vice President & Treasurer. Term expires 2023
  • Michael Routburg, 2nd Vice President. Term expires 2025
  • Pat Bidol-Padva, Secretary. Term expires 2024
  • Gene Goldman, Director. Term expires 2023
  • Joe Roboz, Director. Term expires 2025
  • Les Gerson, Director. Term expires 2023
  • Donna Capobianco, Director. Term expires 2025
  • Vacancy. Term expires 2024


The Master Management Board makes all budget and operations decisions for care and maintenance of the community services, facilities and property independent of the Condominium Owners Organization of Century Village East (COOCVE) Directors.